"I have no family history of heart disease and have never had issues with my cholesterol. My other risk factors were borderline, my EKG was fine and I even passed my stress test. Yet, I had a CAC score of over 700. Without this screening, I wouldn't have known I had heart disease until it was too late. This screening saved my life!"  

Paul C.

"After learning about Coronary Calcium Scoring from The Heart2Heart Foundation at my employer's health fair, I decided to get it done so I would know for sure. My screening showed significant calcification and, while I did have to get a stent, I was able to prevent a heart attack!"

Linda S.

"When I got my score of zero, I was relieved. With a family history of early heart disease, I needed to know if I was doing all I could to prevent heart attack, stroke or premature death. Now, I know!"

Debbie H.

Find out if a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan may be right for you!

The Coronary Artery Calcium Scan is intended
for asymptomatic women or men.
If you are experiencing symptoms, please seek immediate emergency assistance.

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